Sunday, December 4, 2016

Monthly Roundup: November

I can't believe we're into our last month of the year - 2016 may have been the fastest yet.  The best month is here but before we continue enjoying it, let's take a peek back at November... 

We enjoyed our fall decorations right up through Thanksgiving and also hosted a family dinner for SNF when the Cowboys played the Eagles.

We watched an exciting win over Iowa (in what we thought was the last home game of the season that we'd travel up to State College for).

We announced news that we'd been keeping quiet since the summer - we're moving! Also our first house update was shared.

We celebrated Derek's birthday.

We got a head start on our Christmas shopping - Derek and I with a date night and Mom and I with our annual "Tuesday before Thanksgiving" shopping trip. 

We hosted our first holiday and had both of our families over for Thanksgiving.

We made a last minute trip up to State College to see old friends and watch Penn State win the Big Ten East Championship.


  1. The cheese? triangles in the second picture look delicious!! It looks like you had a great month.

  2. Looks like 2016's been a great year. It does feel like it's flown by. How exciting that y'all are moving!

  3. SO much fun packed into last month, and congrats on your first time hosting Thanksgiving. Love the place settings! Cheers to an even more fabulous December <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Such an eventful November. It always feels like such a short month to me, but you got so much done!!