Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Things

Only five days until Christmas - this season has flown by per usual.  We've tried to get in as many of our favorite Christmas events as usual...

Christmas blooms

Always a fun way to start the day

We've spent a lot of time like this

Christmas Lights Night:
We set out last week to look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate in hand.  We went to dinner then passed through a couple neighborhoods close by before finishing up at the park which was all lit up.

Christmas Tree Farm:
We have a fake tree but next year in the new house I can't wait to do a real and a fake one.  We went with our friends to get theirs and scooped up a huge poinsettia to go next to our tree and another fresh arrangement - at least that gives us the pine needle smell without the tree.

Family Christmas Dinner:
Mid December we all meet up at Maggiano's for a family Christmas dinner.  This is our third year doing it and it's becoming one of my favorite traditions - always such a cozy place at the holidays.

Stella & Santa:
Completely unnecessary but I love it.  We waited in line a couple weeks ago for Stella to meet Santa and she jumped right up into his lap and sat right down.

Christmas Cheer Making: 
Mmm our holiday cocktail - we made our batch of "Christmas Cheer" weekend before last and it'll be ready for drinking this week - I can't wait! 

Holiday Happy Hour:
Since it's our last Christmas in the house, I wanted to make sure we got some hosting done.  We had some friends over for a festive happy hour and are looking forward to hosting a family night over break.

Christmas Cards: 
Tiny Prints address option made getting these sent out a breeze this year - I'll share our card on Friday! 

A big thanks to case app - these little stickers were the best for sealing envelopes.  We also used them on a few presents and I'm going to use them on some cookie trays too.

Stella's into the Christmas spirit too... 


  1. So much fun has been had this month! I am definitely going to be sad when this month is over and I no longer can lay in my living room and look at the glow of the Christmas tree.

  2. ok i feel like you've really done all the christmas things possible! so wonderful. um this christmas cheer? recipe! and picking out trees and dinner traditions - i mean it doesn't get much better :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I love how many Christmas traditions y'all have! It sounds like y'all are fully ready for Christmas next week!

  4. You definitely need to share the Christmas Cheer recipe :) I dont remember seeing it!! Yall are always doing something fun, I love it!

  5. I love all the festive things you do! You and your mom are so cute in your matching tops!!! And I totally agree - the Christmas Cheer recipe is something I would love to try!

  6. I love all the Christmas activities you've been able to fit in! Looks like y'all are having so much fun :) And Stella & Santa are so cute! I need to get Buddy a Santa pic next year!

  7. You have had a great Christmas season so far! I love that you're being so intentional about celebrating in your house this year since it's your last Christmas in it!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. Love all the fun traditions y'all have for Christmas!! Makes the season so much more exciting :)

  9. I love that y'all took Stella girl to see Santa! That is just so stinking sweet!

    I also love your Maggiano's tradition... that looks like a great place!

  10. Have you posted your Christmas cocktail. That is so cool that it sits for that long. Love the Santa photo!!

  11. SO much holiday goodness. I'm jealous! Ryan and I haven't gotten to do hardly anything this season because of how crazy other things have been. I hope that we get out to see the lights in the next few days. It looks like your park display is amazing!

  12. So much Christmas cheer and spirit! I love your tree and that Stella got to hang with Santa and get into the festiveness. I need to take my family to see some local light shows. I also just bought a few poinsettias to decorate the house since those are always a Christmas tradition for us :-)