Monday, July 18, 2022

Beverly Hills: Part One

After our nice stay in Disneyland we moved up to Beverly Hills for the week and the only plan on the agenda to start for the weekend was relaxing - we got settled in then went down for an early Friday dinner at The Polo Lounge.

The next day we went out to the playground to play then spent the rest of the day enjoying the pool and ordering takeout to have on our patio.

Sunday was pretty much the same - another quiet and relaxing day by the pool finished off with room service and early to bed.

We spent most of Monday out in Malibu playing at the Country Mart and toy store then playing on the Beach at Paradise Cove and eating at the beach there.

That night was our first date night of the week - we had drinks a the hotel then went to Catch and out outside for a delicious meal.

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