Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nantucket: Part Two

Tuesday morning was another beautiful day.  A low key morning with playing then off to the playground and going a different direction shopping on Main Street.

Next up was an outing to a favorite spot - Cisco Brewery.  We all jumped in an uber and went for cocktails and tried an assortment of foods from all of the four food trucks as well as the raw bar - everyone enjoyed it too and the boys ran all over the place.

We took a little break at the cottage and then walked down to Brandt Point Lighthouse and beach.  It's a tiny beach but one of my favorite because the water is really shallow for the kids, the lighthouse is right there and you can watch the boats come and go.

It was back to the cottage for the most relaxing part of the day - the boys naps and everyone else relaxed.  I went out to the sofa on the lawn to read and had a nice nap.  Then it was back to the main lawn for playing and we were eating dinner right on property tonight at The Brandt Point Grill.

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