Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine's Day Prep

We decided to leave one of our fake Christmas trees up this year and turn it into a Valentine's Day tree - I've loved having it up to enjoy a little bit longer!  Tatum got a few treats for the month on February 1st to enjoy and books to read.

We've done slice and bake cookies and hopefully this weekend we'll get to some actual cookies and decorating.

Valentine's day crafting and Teddy's first time to be a part of it!  I found some Valentine's Day learning printable on Etsy that Tatum has been working on too.

The boys had a cute Valentine's Day party with some of their friends - Tatum proudly picked Spiderman valentines to give out.

I had a Galentine's night with girlfriends - appetizers, drinks, dessert and a pollyanna gift exchange with something you've ordered from Amazon and loved.

Getting together Valentine's for the party and for school.  Tatum did golf valentine's for school and Teddy did Teddy bears to hand out to friends.  Tatum had the best time sorting through his bag when he got home from school yesterday.

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  1. So sweet, love the idea of the Valentines party with his little friends!! And the Galentines party!!