Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Theodore: One Month


I can't believe our little man was one month old on Valentine's Day!  Whoever said the days are long but the years are short I totally don't agree with - the days may be exhausting, but somehow they fly by!

He had his one month appointment yesterday, weighed in right at 10 pounds and is doing great.  A few days before the one month mark we switched over into 0-3 clothes (even though some are a little bit long since Teddy is short) and are officially into size 1 diapers.  Now that we've reached the month milestone we're working on getting on a little bit of a schedule but still going by Teddy's lead.

He is a great eater and loves food!  He's up to about 3.5 ounces (give or take depending the time of day) per feeding.  He is a fantastic overnight sleeper - usually reaching a 5-6 hour stretch but needs to work on naps a little bit - he's so alert at certain points during the day.

His likes are being held upright to look around, laying on your stomach to cuddle, the shusher, stretching out and kicking (preferably not in his clothes), looking at lights.  He doesn't mind baths after he lets out a few initial cries and feels similar about his car seat - he hates getting into it but doesn't usually mind it once he's in.  His dislikes include being hungry, overtired (trying to work on!) and having a wet diaper even if it's not full!