Friday, February 19, 2021

One Month Favorites


Teddy was such a sweetheart during the first month - the newborn stage really is so precious.  Many of his favorite items were similar to Tatum's but somethings differed.  Just like his brother, the dock a tot is probably our most used item!  Zip sleepers continue to be a favorite and he's not a huge pacifier fan but does like them sometimes and prefers the phillips avent kind.  He likes being cuddled in a swaddle during the day (it is winter after all!) and new to us is the baby shusher!

Phillips Avent Pacifier / Dock a Tot / Comotomo Bottles / Aden & Anais Swaddles / Shusher / Gerber Zip Sleepers / Hand & Face Wipes / Little Giraffe Blanket / Gingham Burp Cloth

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  1. This is so helpful as I prepare for Eliza's arrival! We got a Baby Susher for travel/stroller as all my gf's loved it!!