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Tatum Beau: 18 Months

Months 16, 17, 18... Tatum hit 18 months almost two weeks ago on April 16th... I can't believe my little guy is a year and a half! This is such a fun age, he's in such toddler mode and turning into a little boy instead of a baby.

Height, Weight & Health:
Tatum had a great 18 month checkup - about two weeks late.  He weighed in at 24 pounds, 12 ounces (55th percentile) and is 2 feet, 8 inches tall (25th percentile).

He had some bad eczema on his stomach, back and upper legs but we got in under control quickly with some cream.  We then finally thought it was an allergic reaction and went to the doctor but he just had a few bad flare ups and we got a steroid cream for in case it happens again (of course it hasn't, ha!)

After our trip to Florida he came home with a little cold (17 months) and had a pretty bad diaper rash right around when he hit 18 months but other than that he had a good few months!

To start he was in 18 month pajamas right away and still mostly in 12 month outfits with a few 18 months mixed in.  He spent most of these months in 12 months but we switched to 18 month recently even though a little bit.  He's still growing into the 18-24 months but hopefully he grows quickly since the seasons are changing!

Now that we're back on track after the Christmas break and being sick right after (15 months), he's been doing really well sleeping at night - usually goes down pretty well, sometimes needs a little extra rocking and sleeps about 8pm until 7-7:30am.  Since he's getting about 11+ hours overnight, his naps are sometimes shorter the doctor said.

At 15 months we got back into one nap - to get back into it, he'd usually need about a 20-30 minute catnap or quiet time in the morning and then anywhere from an hour to two hour afternoon nap.  Some days he'd just do a nap around 12:30 if we were home.

By the start of 16 months we were back into a good nap routine - Whatever morning activity we'd do, I'd try to be home by 11 or a little after so he didn't fall asleep in the car.  Lunch and then up to nap between 12-1 for a two to three hour nap.  The earlier he went down, usually the longer he napped.  If we were out longer in the morning (like days my mom watched him) he'd fall asleep on the way home and cuddle with me for a big longer before transferring into his crib.

17 months.. his naps are only about an hour 15 minutes to two hours (only will be three hours if he finishes the nap on our lap) - the doctor said this is because he sleeps so well/much at night.  He doesn't always want/need to be rocked to sleep before nap - we stopped his bottle right before 17 months and he's getting into the routine of being put into his crib, laying there for a bit then falling asleep on his own!

We've gotten into a solid bedtime routine each night - we usually go up anywhere between 7-7:30 to get it started - bath, lotion on his dry skin, pj's on and read a book, bottle and into the crib to sleep!  He usually sleeps until anywhere between 6:45 - 8:15/30.  It's usually close to a 7:30 wakeup though.

A couple weeks before 18 months we stopped the bottle completely - a big accomplishment for all because Tatum really counted on that for bedtime - we just eased up on it and within about a week he was able to just be rocked a few times and then learned how to put himself to sleep in the crib - hallelujah!!

Loves food!  Within the past few weeks we've stopped cutting his food up so small and let him bite into things - we are still working on the use of the fork!

Favorite Foods: Avacado, Grilled Cheese, Meatballs, Pizza, Any Type of Fruit, Any Type of Crackers, Graham Crackers, Pirate's Booty, Yogurt, Spinach Pouches, Etc.


Daily:  He used to be up just before 8am each day but as we got closer to 18 months it slowly got early and he's usually waking up at 6:45ish.  He usually lays in bed with us until about 7:30/45 and we come down for breakfast at 8.  The morning is spent at the gym usually or with my mom/the babysitter if I'm at the office.  Lunch is usually close to 11 and nap by noon.  He's up anywhere from 1:45 - 3 depending when he went down and the afternoon is spent playing or doing misc. activities.  He usually eats dinner between 5-6pm (unless on the weekend then usually later - he goes with the flow well) and bed is between 7-8pm, usually on the earlier side!

Weekly: We've tried to better structure our weeks so he has activity each day.  Usually three days a week he'll come to the gym with me to play at the daycare there.  One day he has a babysitter come and one morning he goes to my mom's house so I can go to the office on those days.  We also add in library, misc. activities out of the house and tons of playing.

Golf clubs!  After always grabbing for real ones he now has a little set and will play with it endlessly.

Points if he wants a toy, snack or to go to a certain place or room (15 months).

Being outside!  He cries when it's time to come in and always points to the door to go outside.

Saying "no" and he means it.

Running - he could do a little better with his direction though!

Laughing - he has a few tickle spots and will just laugh so hard.

Playing with Stella - he looks to see if she's following him, takes her toy and throws it to her, hands her treats and pretends to feed her.

How to use a spoon/fork - he likes to hold it during a meal now and occasionally picks up a piece of food on it or uses his hand to then take it off the fork.  Can use a spoon for ice cream though! (15 months)

His two new tricks - if we say "high five" and hold our hand up, he runs over to give us a high five.  Also if we say "cheers" and hold our cups out he'll reach his sippy cup out for a cheers.

Climbing onto/into things... Anything... All the time.  He knows how to turn around to go down just a few steps - not a whole staircase.  At 17 months he figured out how to go down the whole flight of steps and loves to.

He's snacking more instead of as many bottles - always has at least one or two morning and afternoon snacks - favorites are goldfish, graham crackers, crunchies and pouches.  He's also drinking out of a straw on occasion. (By 18 months loves the straw and no more bottles!)

Tatum likes flipping the pages of books, throwing balls, dancing to music, he's colored for the first time.

17 months... "Big hug" with our arms out and he runs over for a hug, asking him "Where's your belly button?" and he lifts his shirt, looks for it and points, and a trick with Daddy - "Fist bump"

He had some sleep regression when he was sick - Didn't always sleep through the night, cried when being put to bed and wanted to nap with one of us.  Once we got passed all the sicknesses we really worked on his routine to get back on track (15 months).

He is totally in a hissy fit phase - if you take something he wants, he doesn't get his way, etc.  he'll go limp and just scream and throw himself down (15 months). Tantrums!!

At about 16/17 months he learned to pick his nose but luckily doesn't do it too often!

Not saying a ton of words but a new one is "uh oh" to go with his other two favorites - daddy and NO. Tries to say Thank you and uses noises and pointing a lot.

He had a double ear infection after his bad cold and stomach bug (15 months) and hated the medicine but after about 30 hours on it - he was already feeling much better.  He took amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days - a lot of times mixed into his yogurt so he didn't scream.

He had his first haircut and sat pretty well until he got a little squirmy and whiny at the end (15 months).  He had his second haircut just before 18 months and did really well!

We took Tatum back to Palm Beach for our annual winter getaway (15 months).  He loved swimming in the pool, eating every meal... along with dessert and really enjoyed the playground.  He also went back in April a couple weeks before he turned a year and a half.

He made a trip down to Washington, DC to see our friends - it was very cold out so he didn't see any of the landmarks but had fun visiting and got asked to be the Ring Bearer in their wedding.

He had tons of birthday parties the past few months and loved all the activity from a gym, to a play center to chasing after kids at home.

He spent two weekends at Lovie and Poppy's while Derek and I had events to attend out of town.

His miniature Mickey mouse & friends stuffed animals - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto.

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