Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Break in Palm Beach: Part Two

For final full day we slept in (to an extent - Tatum was up early!) and did another walk through some properties close to the hotel.  We started on the beach to let Tatum run around and chase after him, we didn't even set up beach chairs!  We went up to the Beach Club for lunch and then took turns playing with Tatum in the pool. 

Our last night we picked to go back to the Italian Restaurant since it was it was easy and fun for Tatum.  I wore this Lilly Pulitzer dress that I picked up at the store at the hotel earlier in the morning. We let Tatum try a few games in the game room and we had fun playing too. 

We had a bit of time on our last day before we had to go to the airport so we took Tatum out to play as much as he could to tire him out.  

We grabbed a nice lunch at the Seafood Bar right before we left for the airport.  Luckily he took a second longer nap on the plane for most of the ride home!

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