Friday, March 22, 2019

This & That

It's been a while!  We've been just trying to keep up with life and I'm hoping to get some usual "Friday Favorites" and other posts like that up soon.  Last weekend we enjoyed our first weekend home all three of us in almost a month!  We were lazy and it was the best!

We had a couple little snows at the end of February/start of March that kept Tatum and I home for the morning and then the day - he's at the age where he needs to be doing something and by the end was totally going stir crazy.  Last week, however, we started having some warmer days in the afternoons and get outside when we can to run around and play!

With Tatum appreciating a year and a half next month - our days our filled - sometimes gym, sometimes play at home, sometimes new adventures.  We do music or reading at the library a lot and during his first go at music we met Lovie & Poppy for lunch at Chick-Fil-A for his first time to eat there (he's had takeout before).  All the activities make him ready for nap and of course still ready to play a lot with Stella.

On Monday we celebrated Uncle Davey's birthday with the family - a delicious meal and then he requested a cake for dessert that I had fun making.


  1. I've missed you around here! Looks like y'all are having so much fun with sweet Tatum. Can't believe he's 1.5 already!

  2. Getting out after being stuck inside for so long is such a treat! And happy birthday to your sweet you made him a cake. :)