Monday, March 25, 2019

17 Month Favorites

Happy Monday!  I used to do these posts each month the first year and time has been flying since Tatum hit that one year mark.  A lot of these items have been favorites the past month or so - he's into a good routine with playing, eating, etc. and these are many of our go to things that he has to have.

This is the favorite toy of the moment right now - he loves golf just like Daddy and will use just about anything he can as a golf club to work on his swing.

He enjoys flipping through them in the playroom and we also are into the routine of reading a book or two before bedtime each night.

This was one of his Christmas presents and we just recently removed the floor board since he's gotten a little bigger and can *almost* use his feet to move around himself.  He also loves hanging on the back of it.

These are his favorite water bottle (to drink water out of - he refuses milk from these).  He also just recently started to love drinking out of straws.

These amongst many other snacks are a big favorite - we're just about done with these since he can eat/chew a lot more now but he'd run into the pantry and pick these for himself a lot. 

This is a recent one that my in-laws got him - he's learned how to get himself in and out of the stand and loves standing playing with kitchen utensils, doing puzzles, etc.  He'll be a great age for it in about 6 months to help out with little kitchen tasks, baking and such.

While he loves his play kitchen, playing with the food is his favorite.  Carrying it around, pretending to eat or give us to eat and taking it in/out of his shopping bag and cart.

Disney Mickey (and friends)
His little Mickey Mouse... and all the friends are right up there with his golf clubs as favorite.  He has one tucked under his arm a lot and usually likes one of them in his crib with him too.

We were late to the baby proofing game but once Tatum could open doors we were on it to secure doors and some (not all) cabinets that he loved to get into.

He has very varied meals so these divided plates are great to keep all the different foods organized.  The ones we like the best are from Target and less than a dollar - they come in tons of colors and sizes.  Silverware too.

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