Friday, January 4, 2019

Christmas Eve(s)

Christmas Eve Eve is my favorite day of the year, with all the anticipation of what's to come - it's just the best.  We didn't have many plans other than relaxing and preparing for Christmas - we had a few pickups and errands and spent some time playing.

As our usual tradition on Christmas Eve Eve we all get together for dinner at our house.  This year we also combined sugar cookie making into the night too instead of doing it another day.  Tatum kept saying "dough dough."

I made a beer cheese dip to snack on while we baked and then our usual meal - soup (clam chowder this year), crab cakes, lobster ravioli, salad and coleslaw - we snacked on our fresh cookies for dessert.

After dinner we all watched Elf, everyone played with Tatum while I wrapped some gifts and I got my cinnamon rolls ready for the next morning.

Christmas Eve morning we had our traditional breakfast - casserole, cinnamon rolls and fruit - usually we take it over to my parents house but this year we did it just the three of us before getting the table set and things ready for the next day.

We opted to do the early children's service at church on Christmas Eve and Tatum even got a little glow stick for the candle lit "Silent Night" singing - my favorite part of the day.  We were having trouble getting a reservation for a group our size at the restaurant we usually go to so we went back to my parents for appetizers and dinner!  

My mom made the most delicious meal - chicken and stuffing, stuffed shells, roasted vegetables and of course Christmas cookies.  We all enjoyed chatting in the dining room and being together.

We figured Tatum would probably be asleep by the time we got home so we brought our pajamas and The Night Before Christmas to read there.  He was ready for bed by the end of the night!

We got home, got Tatum into bed and Santa got to work.  He got his job done in better timing than we thought so Mom & Dad enjoyed a final Christmas movie on the couch before calling it a night.


  1. The anticipation of the days to come right before Christmas is my favorite, too. And how cute is that little gas tank to go with Tatum's car?! I have never seen that - SO CUTE!

  2. The crying picture has me chuckling at my desk lol!

  3. I'm sure Christmas was so magical this year with Tatum!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. How precious! My boys LOVED the Cozy Coupe!!!

  5. Oh my goodness - Santa was very good to Tatum!! Such a special holiday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Love the matching outfits and PJs. All the decor and food look so festive and fun to spend Christmas with family.

  7. oh my word what fun! so much good food and family time and look at all those presents! love that first pic of him running around ha. so cute
    xoxo cheshire kat