Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Holiday Weekend Scenes

We had a very low key long holiday weekend.  We kicked things off Wednesday - Tatum noticed to ornaments on our living room tree for the first time - luckily they are felt.  I finished some last minute setting up - the food table, the dinner table, cleaning, anything I could do before the holiday.

Late afternoon we picked up the turkey at a local spot ad well as the pies at a farm by my parents so we went over to their house to relax a bit and my mom made everyone a nice Thanksgiving Eve meal.

A lost Thanksgiving photo... That morning we had fun in the kitchen our little family - I prepared my sides, Tatum enjoyed some apple cider donuts and Derek had the music going before we went in to watch the parade.

After a lazy Friday morning of cleaning up and relaxing on the couch, late morning we headed out to the Christmas tree farm to get our tree... always one of my favorite days and more coming soon!  We got the tree into the stand and the lights on later in the day... Hopefully decorating it tonight!

Saturday we were lazy and it was wonderful.  We stayed in our pajamas late, I got most of the Christmas decorations out, Tatum took a very long nap so I also started a little bit of sale shopping.  We picked up a pizza for dinner and had a quiet night in since it was pouring outside.

Sunday morning Tatum's elf, Bernard came back from the North Pole!  More on that tomorrow but it was our first time to do the festive breakfast and he had a huge smile when he saw everything set up.

Like we usually do, we made a quick trip to the mall early to get in some sale shopping before things got busy.  When we got back and Tatum was napping the weather was nice so we tried to get most of our outdoor decorations set up.

To finish off the weekend we went into our little town for the Christmas parade - Santa rode in on the first float so we let Tatum watch a bit before sneaking out a little early to get home for dinner, early to bed and a Hallmark movie.


  1. aw looks like a fun weekend! I love this time of year. it's so festive!

  2. What a fun & festive weekend- totally perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit!

  3. A perfect weekend to start off the holiday season!

  4. What a sweet little Thanksgiving! It’s so sweet when they start noticing everything.

  5. Perfectly festive and fun! I love that it was low key but you guys still did so much!