Wednesday, September 12, 2018

This & That

Last week in the midst of the golf tournament we celebrated our fourth anniversary!  The night before we went for a casual dinner at the hotel our reception was at -- with Tatum!  We had planned to get Italian takeout (which we did last year when I was 8 months pregnant) but got home too late so maybe a rain check.

Last weekend Penn State played late at 8pm so Tatum saw kickoff and then was off to bed - we advanced to 2-0 with a 51-6 win over Pitt - hoping that the weather isn't too bad this weekend that we can finally take Tatum to his first game!

While Derek was away Tatum and I spent a little bit of time at my parents house and slept over some - it's always so relaxing to go home!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Tatum's game day outfit is so cute! When Jared has to work nights I still stay with my family sometimes too!

  2. Going home is the best. :) And I LOVE that picture of Tatum in his crib...I mean that hat with the little jacket - TOO cute!

  3. I cannot deal with Tatum in his gear. also happy anniversary!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Happy belated anniversary - September is a great month for those ;) (Tatum is an absolute doll!)

  5. Tatum looks so adorable in his Penn State gear! We're headed to an Aggie game in October and I can't wait to take the girls!

  6. Happy Anniversary! There's no place like home, and always so cozy when I go see my parents. Can't wait to see Tatum decked out in Penn State gear for his first game <3
    Green Fashionista