Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite season - so many activities and so much to look forward to with the holidays right around the corner.  Last fall was a little different with us preparing for Tatum's arrival and then taking care of a newborn (he was two weeks old in the photo above!) so I'm a little extra excited to do all the usual activities this year + some for our almost one year old!

October 1st:
The fall decorations are already out early but on October 1st I want to put out some fun Halloween decorations for Tatum.  I also want to start a little tradition for him and have bucket of Halloween goodies (little things like pajamas, a book, a toy, coloring sheets, some festive plates) out for him to use for the month and begin celebrating.  
*I plan to do this on November 1st for Thanksgiving and then the weekend after Thanksgiving for Christmas *

Pumpkinland is created at a local farm (I've been going since I was Tatum's age!) and is so cute - I can't wait to take him to run around and pick his pumpkins.  We'll also take him on a hayride hopefully when visiting too.

Apple Picking:
We've actually never done this super basic tradition but I'd love to this year.

Football & Tailgates:
This one is a given of course but we so look forward to football season every year.  I cannot wait to take Tatum to his first game at Beaver Stadium, and go to some without him to.  We love having tailgate parties with friends or  family for college football on Saturdays or NFL on Sundays.

Tatum's First Birthday Party:
His first birthday is about a month away and I really can't believe how fast the year went.  We're planning a fun day of celebrations for the big day and then a party with his friends over the weekend too.

Fall Events:
Fall festivals, Halloween parades, trips to the playground, chili bakes, etc.

Pre-Halloween Activities:
Tatum won't nearly "get" Halloween this year but he'll be much more active than last year.  Pumpkin carving and decorating, crafting, baking pumpkin cookies, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and hosting Halloween Eve with family.  On the night before Halloween we started a tradition last year to have a fun meal and have family over to see Tatum in his costume.

Not sure yet what he'll be but I'm thinking two outfits - one for Halloween night and one for other activities.  It will be fun walking him to a few houses for candy (that he won't eat). 

Annual Dallas Trip:
Since Derek and I got engaged we've made a trip down to Dallas each fall to see the Cowboys play and explore the area.  We couldn't go last fall because of Tatum's due date but we're really excited to be able to bring him with us this year!

Thanksgiving Events:
We're looking forward to hosting (with help on the food!) Thanksgiving again this year and letting Tatum enjoy the holiday at home.  We'll have a Friendsgiving with friends and also to to my parents the day before for Thanksgiving Eve.  I'm hoping for some baby turkey crafts for Tatum and gathering for the food bank too.


  1. Love this list because y'all have so many fun things planned! I can't wait to see what you do for Tatum's first birthday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I love this list! Fall is most definitely my favorite -- now if only the weather in Texas would get onboard!

  3. Sounds like y'all are going to have the most fun fall ever!! I know Tatum will love participating in all the activities too!

  4. You are going to have the BEST fall! So many fun things going on!

  5. SO many fun things! I'm excited to follow along with you! It'll be so exciting this year because sweet little Tatum will understand a bit more about what's going on around him! Y'all are in for a treat!

  6. I can't tell you how excited I am for Sophia's first Fall! I love everything on your bucket list and may have to steal a few things!! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston