Thursday, April 5, 2018

Easter 2018

I was so excited for Tatum to wake up on Easter morning to see what the Easter bunny brought - not that he gets it by any means but at least he smiled at his basket and was able to pick his toys out.

Being as it was Tatum's first Easter I went crazy and got a basket for each of us - they are such fun to put together.  Tatum made baskets to give out to family later in the day too. 

We spent all of the morning until time to get ready playing with the baskets.  We made sure Stella girl got a lot of attention and all the toys out of hers since we were leaving her for the afternoon.

Tatum was most interested in the basket of eggs that the Easter bunny left for him - He was perfectly content playing with them and only them.  In fact, we've been playing with them all week dropping them onto the ground and such.

After enough playing we all went up to get ready for church.  I love a good baby sweater vest and hat and was so excited for Tatum to wear his Easter Sunday outfit.  He did great during the service.

We switched up our usual lunch plans and went somewhere closer to home which was quite delicious - we had a table on the patio and while it wasn't quite warm, it wasn't the winter weather we've been having either.

We finished the day with my parents dropping off an Easter basket for Tatum and some eggs for him to have an "egg hunt" with.  Also lots of relaxing and picking at leftovers.  The past weekend has left me so excited to see him at Christmas this year!


  1. He was so handsome in his Easter outfit! Glad you all had such a good day! Holidays are sooo much more fun with kids!

  2. His Easter outfit is TOO cute! Love your dress, too!

  3. Such a good looking boy and those baskets are amazing! Filled with so much goodies and I love that Stella got her own basket along with mom and dad! You celebrated Easter in style! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  4. What a sweet first Easter! Seriously love your Easter dress!

  5. What a fabulous 1st Easter with little man, and wow the Easter bunny sure stopped by! All those baskets look amazing, and love that Stella got one too <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Tatum's Easter outfit was the CUTEST thing! And I love how you did baskets for the whole family - that is so fun!

  7. OMGGGGG Tatum is SO cute and so happy!!! These pictures are so great!!! Love, love, love!!