Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tatum's Baptism

On Sunday, Tatum was baptized and it was the most wonderful day!  It was sunny, yet freezing so after about two photo attempts outside we didn't go back out, ha! At our church we do the baptisms during normal Sunday services and Tatum did great all through the service before/after the baptism.

Luckily we were able to keep his baptism outfit clean during photos before and after the service as well as during! We let him change into a more comfortable white outfit for the party.

We held his baptism lunch at our country club and they did a wonderful job - we kept it small with just immediate family, godparents and a couple close friends.  The cake was from a local bakery and all the other desserts - cake pops, chocolate covered oreos & pretzels - were ordered from this Etsy shop.  The cookies at each place setting are from this Etsy shop and the menu cards/place settings were matched to the invitations from this Etsy shop.

We wanted it to be fun and flowy not just a sit down meal so we had appetizers and cocktails for about an hour - cheesesteak/chicken cheesesteak sliders with a charcuterie board and shrimp cocktail.    The flower display my parents had surprised with at church, the baptism print is from this Etsy shop, the cocktail napkins are from here and the other decorations are his newborn photos, a wooden birth block (found here) and a sweet pair of keepsake shoes with his birth stats that a close friend gave us.

Tatum has the best godparents!  We chose my brother as well as my aunt who both have wonderful faith, we see often and love spending time with - great role models for Tatum and they already love on him so much!

After cocktails, appetizers and a bunch of photos we sat down to lunch - caesar salads followed by chicken, salmon or shrimp alfredo and then everyone dug into the dessert table.

Derek gave a toast for Tatum, we prayed for him, everyone held him and played with him, it was a very special day that left us with wonderful memories.  Tatum's  party outfit is from here.

Tatum's first of many events in his life - such a special first... 

Like I said above we kept it with just immediate family and everyone was able to come -  all his grandparents, all his aunts and uncles, both godparents and families, and two close sets of friends join us for the day - it was a great group.

The lunch ran into late afternoon and once it was done we just sat around chatting with our friends before they left town and a few family members before they went home.

He was pooped by the end of the day and so were we.  After everyone left for the day we spent the night relaxing on the couches together.


  1. What a special way to celebrating your darling little guy! I love how many friends and family members came our to support Tatum! Y'all have an awesome group of people!

  2. I swear all of his little outfits are the cutest, especially those hats! All of the decorations for his baptisms were beautiful and the food sounds amazing! It definitely looked like a very happy day that you’ll remember forever!

  3. What a beautiful baptism! His outfits are so adorable and great job, Tatum, for not getting his baptism outfit dirty! What a special day :)

  4. Such a happy little man! What a great weekend of celebrations, and LOVE your dress <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. What a perfect, special day! His outfit is just precious and you look beautiful!

  6. aw what a fun day! that sweet boy. that next to last photo cracks me up, he's so beat from all that love and attention. love all the little details!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. So so sweet! Looks like little man has got quite the following! He certainly isn't lacking for love :)