Friday, August 26, 2016


Chokers are making a comeback and I must say it's one style I always loved ever since Kristin Cavalari was sporting them on her Laguna Beach days.  I saw this photo on Lauren Scruggs' Instagram a the start of summer and have been hooked on the trend since.

I had a lot of comments/questions on my choker in Monday's post (which inspired today's post).  It's Vanessa Mooney and you can find it here.  You can wear it a few different ways which is a plus.

Here is the choker in the above photo of Lauren's and another favorite of mine - since it's thicker I feel like it has a little more of a fall vibe and have been waiting to wear it.

Here are a couple others that I'm loving at the moment... This black one is simple and thin and this cream one is perfect to break away from the generic black.

The last weekend of the summer before Labor Day - I can't believe it! Have a great weekend soaking up the sun and doing summer-y things before we move into fall! xx


  1. I loved the choker look in your pictures - I didn't realize they were making a comeback. I have to see they have a come a long ways since those plastic stretchy ones back in the day!

  2. Chokers are making a major comeback! I remember my friends and I would wear these when we were probably in the 7th grade - circa 1996-97!

    Ashley //

  3. Oh girl, I used to ROCK a black choker back in junior high and I loved that thing. I still have it! Good thing since they're coming back!

  4. That choker looked amazing on you! Loving this roundup. Happy Saturday!