Thursday, April 2, 2020

Toddler Easter Baskets

Happy Thursday!  During this crazy time it seems the days keep fading into each other but whether stuck at home or not, Easter is a little over a week away.  As things were shutting down I grabbed a few things to fill baskets at Target and then finished up with things from Amazon and a curbside Target pickup also.

Tatum's really at a fun age for Easter so even thought it won't be as we planned, I'm still looking forward to making it fun for him.  He doesn't have candy so I tried to do a mix of fun food treats and a couple entertaining toys mixed with special things he'd love... Mickey, Sesame Street, Dinosaurs.

Easter Egg Stuffing: Clearly the egg hunts we usually go to are cancelled so I got these stamps, these growing dinosaurs and these magic grow capsules.  I also plan to put a few toddler friendly snack items in too!  

Easter Baking Fun: In addition to dyeing eggs, some sensory activities, coloring Easter pictures and things - I ordered these cookie cutters to make/decorate our own cookies.  These got thrown into the order to drop off on our friends porches for a fun Easter treat.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March This & That

It's been a while!  Like everyone else, life has been crazy - trying to catch up on a little bit of life (for my own sake) before the quarantine hit... 

Right at the start of the month Derek and I attended a fun night out in the city to benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at "Cheers for Chop."

Derek got in his annual golf trip that he's been doing for years a little over a week before things shut down so Tatum and I had a really quiet weekend at home - had I of had ANY idea of what was coming, we would have been out a little bit more!

We had been doing lots of trips to the library and Tatum joined the 1000 Books until Preschool Challenge - luckily we have a bunch at home to read through while we're staying home.

Less than a week before things shut down around here our best friends stopped on their way home from wedding planning and I'm so glad we got to see them as our trip to Florida next week together is cancelled and now the bachelorette party in May so luckily we got in a good visit while we could.

We'd been working on the kids "Lent Calendar" at church with Tatum with a different activity, bible verse or song each day - unfortunately now we haven't been able to complete it all but we were able to "do a good deed" and drop off much needed supplies to the animal shelter about a day before things closed down.  He also helped me stock up on a few grocery items "just in case" and had I have known his last trip to the grocery store was going to be 3 weeks ago - I'd never have believed it!

We celebrated my brother's birthday just as things we're starting to close - glad we got it in before things really got quiet - we usually see family a lot and haven't since this day so we really miss them!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at home - we aren't very big into the holiday but Derek and I did meet that day so we always like to do something a little fun.  Since this was the first week of our home stay, I was happy I'd picked up a few things earlier on to make it fun for Tatum.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Toddler Travel Bag

Traveling with Tatum is a little different than it used to be.  As a very active toddler, he needs lots to be entertained with on the plane.  I've started just collecting items and he has his own travel bag - I don't always bring every single one of these but these are what I pick from.

His favorites are probably the water wow, magnetic zoo and buckle learning toy.  Again as a very active toddler he will play with one item for a few minutes and then it's on to the next so having a variety is good!

I always have wipes easily accessible to wipe everything down as well as for hands, lots of snacks and just put any diaper items into an outside pocket of his bag so all of his items are in one place.

I also throw in simple things like crayons, coloring book, etc.  He's usually okay without toys on a vacation and just wants to play with whatever is in the hotel room but whenever needed these are also his "toys" for the trip too.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

February This & That

February was a quiet yet fun month - we had a ton of birthdays between friends and family.  We loved our trip to Florida, celebrating Valentines Day and much more.  The day after we got home from Florida was the Super Bowl and last minute we threw a little party together with friends until halftime.

We finally got around to going to the library on a regular basis which I've been wanting to do for a long time now.  Tatum loves playing with the toys, goes for music and reading sometimes and we try to go once a week (sometimes a little longer) to get books to check out to read before bed that week!

Our big boy is working on his transition to a big boy bed.  We officially stopped his sleep sack about a month or so ago - he wore it as long as he could and loved it - luckily he gave it up without too bad of a fight.  Next step, the crib piece to transition into a training bed!

At the start of the month we celebrated Lovie's birthday!  We had the best time celebrating her with a full night of family time.  We all went out for drinks then dinner and then went back to their house for cake, presents and family time!

To finish out the last weekend of the month we snuck in a date night to celebrate Valentine's Day and then Derek's family visited to celebrate another special February birthday for Mimi!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has pretty much turned into a family holiday around here - which we enjoy since we never did anything crazy to celebrate anyway. We had a couple things for Tatum (and Stella) to open which we got to before dinner then he was so excited to play with his new items that evening (and all weekend long).

I had gathered a few cute activities I'd seen on Pinterest for him to do and they really kept him entertained for a while - the color matching hearts was his favorite and he did a fairly well job getting them matched up.  Stickers were fun and not only ended up on the papers but all over us also.  I think the color stamping heart we'll try again next year, that one didn't go too well!

We had been trying to decide what to do for dinner that night and last minute we just decided to do make your own pizzas and salads - it was very easy and fun to put the pizzas together - we had to sit the dough out for a bit to get it ready so we ended up eating pretty late but Tatum never objects to a late bedtime.

We finished the night off with a dessert charcuterie board and watching movies - it was a great low key day spent with both of my boys.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentines Day: This & That

Happy Valentine's Day!  I've had such fun this month doing little activities with Tatum.  This was his first year to bring Valentines to "school" at Mother's day Out and like the years before he made homemade Valentine's for family members - this year he was very into it - he put finger print dots onto his card then stickers on top of that!

Tatum's favorite thing at the moment is "coooookies" and since Mother's Day out kids can be younger I went with the cookie theme and then a little dunkin donuts gift card with candy for his teachers.

At the end of January I ran into Michael's for some crafts to entertain him throughout the month and by then they were already super on sale at I think 40% off so I just grabbed a bunch and made a note to do some each week. Painting on the easel was definitely his favorite!

Since he's finally almost old enough for some homemade crafts, I had fun browsing Pinterest - a few were flops but this "Love You to Pieces" was a hit.  I made the printable and then just cut construction paper into pieces, put double sided tape on and handed to Tatum and he put the pieces into the heart. A great keepsake and gift for grandparents.

Last night we had the best time making Valentine's Day cookies.  We always make so many over Christmas, I think I forget about other holidays but this Christmas we didn't end up using some of the roll out dough so I saved it for Valentine's Day... I think going forward I'll try to remember to do cookies for other holidays!  We equally had fun rolling out the cookies as well as decorating them!