Friday, October 7, 2022

Dallas 2022: Part One

Back in mid-September we had a great trip back to Dallas - it was Teddy's first time and Tatum's first time back in a few years.  We got in mid-day and went to the stadium for Rally Day - the boys loved running around on the field and playing on the inflatables.

It was hot so we headed to the hotel to check in - the complimentary margarita shots and guacamole are always so delicious.  We had early reservations at our favorite restaurant, Nick and Sam's - but not quite early enough.  Tatum fell asleep sitting in his chair after eating and Teddy was getting tired so Derek and I had appetizers and then got our meals to go to eat in the room.

Sunday we had a lazy morning, breakfast in the lounge and let the boys play in the pool for a while.

We went over to the stadium early to do all of the things and had a blast at the game.  The boys did great and enjoyed it (Teddy took a little nap on my lap).

It was a low key night of room service and bed early for all of us!

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