Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Back to School and Fall Sports

It's been a while and things have been busy!  We are back into the school routine - Pre K Five Day and Tatum really enjoys it.  He and I went to orientation the week after Labor Day then he had his first day the next day.  He loves being in the oldest class of the school...

I love seeing what comes home in Tatum's backpack each day and of course we had to fill out our start of the year survey... 

Back to school was a little rough for everyone adjusting but now the routine is good for all of us.  Teddy noticeably misses Tatum but has his own little activities to do too and before he knows it his buddy is home... 

Back to school means fall sports!  We are keeping busy with fall teeball, soccer and flag football each week regularly then golf with dad, tennis and basketball lessons when time allows!


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