Tuesday, December 21, 2021

December Things

What a wonderful December this has been - like usual it started off organized and slow and now its a whirlwind of chaos! I was thrilled to be allowed into Tatum's school for Gingerbread Day.

We had a neighborhood ladies cookies exchange for the first time which was a blast - everyone brought their cookies, an appetizer and a small Christmas decor gift.

We've had a few fun family Christmas nights doing miscellaneous activities with the boys - this night I made favors for Tatum's class (m&m's in ornaments) while the boys made gingerbread men for us to decorate.

Another big highlight and first for us was getting to attend Tatum's Christmas show in person instead of virtual - it was a sweet day with a family lunch after.

Tatum held his and Teddy's letter to Santa the entire car ride to this display and was clearly thrilled to drop them off.  They just got a letter back yesterday!

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