Thursday, December 16, 2021

Brunch with Santa & Other Christmas Scenes

Friday we picked Tatum up from his Christmas party at school and went out to lunch to kick off Christmas Break.  We let Tatum pick out his present for both of us and Teddy afterwards too.

That night we went to a local park to see the huge Christmas display all lit up and then had a low key night at home.

Saturday morning we were off bright and early to drive through the fire station to see the trucks and Santa and drop off some donations.

Next up was a train ride to see Santa - both boys loved it.  They got to see Santa a few times, sing songs and go out for lunch with friends after.

Last up for the day was a neighborhood party with Santa, crafts and fun with neighbors.  It was pretty windy but unseasonably warm so nice to be outside!

To finish out the weekend on Sunday it was one of our favorite events that we missed so much last year - Brunch with Santa at the country club.  We enjoyed seeing Santa yet again and fun with family and friends.

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