Thursday, July 9, 2020

This & That

Summer is well underway and while some days it doesn't really feel like summer, we're making the most of it and enjoying what we can do.  We get in as many pool days a week as we can and lots of playing outside.

We've taken a break from most of the activities and crafts we'd been doing but Tatum did make a few festive creations ahead of the Fourth of July.

We had an outdoor movie night a few weeks ago in our neighborhood and it was such fun for the kids - Tatum must have had about four cups of popcorn and after sitting nicely for a bit was running all over with his friends.

Most weekends we've been enjoying a wonderful and relaxing time at the lake - lots of sun, swimming for Tatum and family time.

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  1. The lake looks so pretty! I'm sure it was very refreshing. Outdoor movies are a lot of fun and a great community activity! What was showing?