Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Christmas 2019

Tatum was at the best age for Christmas morning this year - he wasn't waking us up at the crack of dawn to get down and see what Santa brought, but he was super excited when we got downstairs. In fact, we had to wake him up around 8am so we had some time to get up and ready before he did.

We went over to the fireplace first to see if Santa ate his cookies and did Tatum and Stella's stockings then it was over to the tree.  This was our first year doing Christmas in the living room and we loved it - will always do it in there probably!

Tatum's toolset was the biggest hit - as we thought!  He seemed to love everything that Santa left unwrapped in front of the tree best - his piano and cleaning supplies were fun too.  Derek and I opened a couple gifts while he played then we took a bit of time to just play and soak in the morning.

Late morning we went over to my parents house for gifts and brunch.  Tatum went right to town seeing what Santa left there - favorites were his train, radio flyer items, easel and a tool set for their house! The rest of us exchanged gifts while he played.

We had our traditional brunch of sausage casserole and coffee cake around lunchtime and played a little more before coming home for Tatum to take a nap and both of us rested too.  He took a great nap and didn't wake up until after 5!  Luckily we had about an hour until we had a bunch of family over about 6:30 for appetizers, dinner, dessert and playing!

The rest of the night was filled with lots of playing for Tatum and spending time with everyone enjoying the holiday - nobody stayed super late this year so there was some time to relax before bedtime too - I can't believe it's already over!

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