Monday, November 4, 2019

Halloween 2019

Happy Monday!  These pictures might look like a Christmas photo shoot but today I'm sharing about our Halloween.  Tatum went as Santa and Derek and I joined as Elves and Stella as Rudolph.  I figured I could only get away with this costume being cute while he was two or under and next year he'll also probably want to pick his costume.

We had a great year this year - Tatum was at an age where he loved trick-or-treating.  He'd speed from house to house and grab candy (not that he knew it was candy which was good!)  We had some treats for him to eat instead.  We had a little party with a bunch of his friends before then trick-or-treated as a group before doing a little bit by ourselves.

It was rainy all day but dry for trick-or-treating hours so we lucked out - it was weirdly warm, in the lower 70's though and a couple hours after trick-or-treating we had a tornado warning and the craziest storm.  My brother handed out candy for us at our house and Tatum loved showing off what he got when we got home.

I had chicken tortilla soup going in the crockpot so we enjoyed a late dinner and watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown before Tatum went to bed quite a bit after his bedtime!


  1. Your brother is my kindred spirit! I'm the Aunt who stays at the house to give out candy!

  2. Tatum's outfit is adorable. I love how you guys dressed up, too, and even got Stella in the mix!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, stop it! How precious is he?! I think we got all of your typically cold weather because it was freeeezing down here in Georgia on Halloween... the coldest I can ever remember. This weather is just all mixed up.

  4. Too cute! LOVE your family costumes! It's so fun now that the kiddos are old enough to enjoy trick or treating and of course Charlie Brown <3

    Green Fashionista