Friday, August 16, 2019

August Lake Days

It's the last month of summer and we've been just trying to enjoy it - be outside, do all the final summer things, etc.  Since August started we've been on the go.  We spent the past two weekends at the lake and last week Tatum and I spent a few days down the shore on a moms & kids getaway with friends.

Our weather at the lake the past two weeks has been wonderful - perfect sunny days and even slightly cool nights.  We've been doing classic pizza and salad nights on Fridays and appetizers/grilling on Saturdays.

We have one weekend left before ending the season - I can't believe it's this time already.  This summer has gone so fast but we've had such a fun doing all the summer things and loved our family lake long weekends.

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  1. Time has been flyyyyyying by way too fast! Soaking up every last drop of summer, and how adorable is Stella down at the lake too?! <3
    Green Fashionista