Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Scenes

It was a much needed low-key weekend around here.  I realized I haven't done a weekend scenes post in a while (that isn't surrounded around football!) and seeing as this could be our last weekend just the two of us - or we could have one, maybe two more, I thought now would be a good time.  While we didn't do much of anything exciting this weekend, here we go... 

After getting in a few errands on the way to the office - car wash, pedicure - it's like "do all the possible things that could be done" in my mind - pure nesting - we had another Friday Funday lunch at the office and walked over to town to pick it up for everyone to enjoy back at the office.

If I'm in the office on a Friday then I try to sneak out early so Stella and I kicked off the weekend with a nice long nap - I've been waiting for it all week!  After that it was a quiet night at home - Derek picked up pizza, we caught up on DVR and that was it.

Saturday morning kicked off with a walk on the trail near our house - it didn't feel like October 7th as the temperature was about 80 - I'm so craving those cooler fall days!

Like most Saturday's - our day revolved around the Penn State game.  We laid around watching College Game Day before our walk, Lee Corso's 300th pick once we got back and got a little spread together for the noon game.  We beat Northwestern 31-7 to advance to 6-0.  With Penn State off next week that was very possibly our last game to watch just the two of us!

I did a pre-fall closet swap around Labor Day to get ahead - joke was on me with the weather we've been having - and that none of my shoes will likely fit until after the baby comes but I went ahead and put away a few more summer like maternity pieces and started organizing some things to bring out post baby.

Saturday night we scrapped our plans for a fun dinner out, stayed in sweats, ordered takeout and watched football as well as catching up on DVR.

a bump, a pup and a husband giving a ftotrub - it wasn't the original plan but it wasn't a bad plan

Playing around in the playroom with our current only child - She's got her dog pound all ready for playing with little brother - and has been good about knowing that the toys/stuffed animals in that room and the nursery are not hers.

Yesterday I spent much of the day celebrating a sweet little boy and his mama - he's due exactly a month after our boy!  I picked up my mom and we had a wonderful day with a bunch of ladies - Bingo is seriously one of my favorite games, I loved playing... and winning :)

The only picture I managed from the day - trying to make about five dresses work with this strange October heat, a jacket to make it look "fall like," shoes to change into at the last minute...

I got back just in time to watch the Cowboys game with Derek and enjoy our first Sunday crockpot meal of the season - the past few weeks either he or both of us have been out with friends or we've been to tired from Saturday football to get anything going.  The rest of the night was spent... on the couch!

I also did have some fun browsing the holiday sales this weekend - my favorite purchase was definitely four new matching Christmas stockings.  We didn't have a fireplace at our old house so we hung them on a ledge and Stella's didn't match ours - I'm happy this problem is fixed... months ahead of time :)

Have a good week! xx


  1. It sounds like you guys had the perfect weekend at home to soak in the last bit of time of just the two of you (and Stella). Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. A perfectly fun and relaxing weekend before baby!! I can't believe the weather we have been having - where are Fall temps?! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Loooks like a blast and that food looks so yummy!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. You & my best friend Emily are due around the same time- so crazy that's so many babies will be here soon :) you look so pretty in that striped dress! Y'all had such a productive weekend!

  5. eek look how cute you are! relaxing weekends are really the best - and just what you need and deserve :) and yay for another penn state win! i hope i can repeat that saying all season long :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. One of the things that I'm most excited about is getting to buy all of the Christmas stuff for the girls, and that includes stockings! I love that y'all all match now! And hooray for getting a quiet weekend at home just the two of y'all before your little guy gets here! I'm definitely trying to soak that up as much as possible!

  7. Sounds like such a fun, productive weekend, and as always, that food looks delicious!

  8. What a great weekend! I love your shoe closet!! Soak up these next few days/weeks before baby!

  9. I can't believe you're getting so close!!! I'm so excited for y'all :) And I love that stripped dress! Is it Rachel Pally? You need to do a maternity fashion post on what you've worn while being pregnant. I find those so interesting and helpful for future planning for me ;)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. Relaxing weekends are the best especially when they involve sweats, takeout, and football <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. So crazy it's still in the 80's...I'm sure Fall temps would be so much more comfortable being pregnant but sounds like you guys got lots of relaxing at home. LOVE your shoe closet! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  12. Looks like the perfect weekend! Get all those naps and relaxing in while you can. :) This warm weather has been so weird - I’m ready for fall temps!

  13. What a great weekend! Friday afternoon naps are my favorite way to start a weekend. All that food looks so good, too, and I just love your front porch with the rocking chairs!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. This bingo cards are a great idea. I'm throwing a shower for a co-worker this month and have been searching for ideas!