Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Pelican Hill

We spent a wonderful week in California last week - we started off with a few days in Pelican Hill - by the time we landed, drove down, grabbed some groceries, etc.  we just enjoyed playing outside, room service and bed early for our first night.

We woke up refreshed and adjusted to the time change.  There was a kids play party set up that we took the boys to then grabbed lunch at Pelican Grill.

We let them nap and relaxed on the patio then went to the pool for the rest of the day, stayed out late then ordered takeout on the patio - very relaxing.

Sunday morning Derek and Tatum were out early for a round of golf while Teddy and I relaxed - we took a long walk then went down to see them finish up.  We decided to switch our dinner to lunch so we went to Javiers.  Then it was time for naps and another late evening at the pool with Crystal Cove Shake Shack takeout for dinner.

Our fourth day we enjoyed pool time, massages and then our only dinner out - a delicious meal at Mastro's Ocean Club.

Our final day consisted of a pretty similar schedule - we did a family walk to grab breakfast then headed off to spend the day at the pool relaxing.   Then we were off to visit a close friend for the night.

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