Thursday, May 26, 2022

Palm Beach: Spring Break

We're out of school for the summer but I'm finally catching up on our spring break trip to Palm Beach back in April.  We got in mid afternoon for some time of the beach, then an easy dinner at the Italian restaurant. 

The next day it was right back out to the beach for more playing, the pool and dinner at the Seafood Bar that night with tons of playing on the lawn.

We were up early the next day and did all the playing - tennis, putt putt, then early to the pool.  Derek and I had a date night for cocktails, shopping and an early dinner that night and got home in time for ice cream with the boys.

Our last full day was just the same as the others - beach, lunch outside, pool, naps by the pool and I took Tatum over to the kids activity of the day which was painting!
We kept things easy for our last dinner with the Italian restaurant, arcade and playing outside.  We had a nice sunny day the next day for our last day with lots of swimming then a late lunch at the Seafood Bar.

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