Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Disney World: Chef Mickey's & Magic Kingdom

Back in early March Derek was on a golf trip near Orlando so the boys and I flew down to meet him for a quick trip to Disney World.  The three of us had great travels and we had a good amount of time to settle in before heading out for the night.

That night was something we were looking forward to as it was a favorite last time - Chef Mickeys!  We had drinks and appetizers in the lounge then hopped on the monorail to get to the Contemporary early to play in the arcade before dinner.

Monday morning was our first of three park days - we were up early and got to the Magic Kingdom a few minutes before it opened.  We went right to Winnie the Pooh then made our way around Fantasyland to anything that had a 15 minute or less wait - Dumbo, the Barnstormer, Under the Sea and then we went over to Main Street for the 50th Anniversary parade which was so cute.

Next up was our genie plus to Peter Pan but Teddy was asleep so Tatum and Derek did the ride while Teddy and I walked through the shops.  Things were getting crowded so we took the ferry back to the Polynesian and did the pool for the rest of the afternoon.  We grabbed lunch at the hotel and then Tatum went down the slide about a 1000 times and loved it.

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