Friday, June 4, 2021

Palm Beach: Part Three

For our second to last dinner we had no plans and considered a few options at the hotel/outside the hotel but opted to stay at the pool late, take quick showers and then go back to the Seafood Bar again.  We made sure to finish in time to make it to Mary Lilly's for ice cream before it closed.

Waking up Thursday was bittersweet - it was our last full day but we'd had such a blast this week.  I got some stuff packed up then we went over to the Flagler Museum and down to Del Rey for lunch with a family friend.

Tatum and I went down to the beach for a little bit then we finished up with lots of swimming.  Teddy took a long nap so we were both able to play with Tatum a lot.  The weather was fantastic.

We finished off our delicious meals back at the Italian restaurant but not without lots of playing at the playground and arcade first.  We hurried back off to Mary Lilly's for more ice cream to end the trip.  Friday morning it was time to head home!

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