Monday, April 19, 2021

Theodore: Three Months

Teddy is still fitting nicely into his 0-3 month clothes but probably not for too much longer!  We don't go back to the doctor until 4 months so we'll see how much he weighs and how much his height grew then.  We're just making the switch over to size two diapers and baby dry at night.  

Teddy has been so smiley this month and it's such a joy to see!  Every morning his older brother continues to run and find him the second he wakes up and sits in his crib with them.  Tatum sings to him if he's crying or upset and loves him so much.

He's done a little bit better with napping this month and gets in more naps during the day - sometimes we swaddle him for naps to help him get into a sound sleep.  Bedtime routine continues to start at 8pm - sometimes he'll have another bottle around 11ish and sometimes we just let him go until he wakes up overnight.  He's still a great sleeper but sometimes wakes up about an hour and a half after his mid-night wake up so we're working on that!

He's found his hands and loves putting them into his mouth, started sitting in the fisher price sit up chair, had his first overnights away over Spring Break and celebrated his first Easter .

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