Friday, April 19, 2019

Spring Happenings

We've had a lot of fun with Easter activities this month leading up to the holiday.  First up was meeting the Easter bunny for the first time and it was NOT a hit.

We also went on a hayride to "Bunnyland" at a local farm and Tatum loved the hayride out but again, hated the bunny!  He did love seeing the baby animals after.

We made sure he had a few Easter books to read at bedtime and his Easter pajamas early on in the season.  He enjoyed throwing it all, all over the place!  (but likes it all now!)

We did a trial run at dying Easter eggs earlier in the week before we do them this weekend with family.  He liked it but cried when he couldn't take them out right away.  He tried with friends a few days later and wanted no part of it, I tried!

To prepare for the weekend my mom had a little Easter egg hunt setup for Tatum when I dropped him off yesterday - he was very into it and even more so when he realized there were puffs and treats inside for him to eat.  They are so cute together!

Last night it was in the 70's and a perfect deck night - we played an Easter egg scoop game that I'd seen on Pinterest and Tatum could have stayed out there playing it all night - a total win!

Enjoy your Easter weekend! xx 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Palm Beach Travel Guide

We've been enjoying trips down to Palm Beach, Florida each year since we were dating so today I thought I'd share some of my favorite spots and spots that have come highly recommended (ex. some of the hotels)...

Where to Stay:
Palm Beach has some of the nicest and cutest places to stay.  Each have different things to offer so it can be hard to pick between them all.  There is everything from luxury resorts to quaint boutique hotels and even house rentals.

The Breakers: The Breakers is classic Palm Beach. It's a gorgeous property with a lot of history and a bunch of room options and sizes. You don't even need to leave the property once you arrive (and sometimes we don't) because there are four pools, shopping, beach, a playground/kids center, spa, a bunch of restaurants and much more. 

Four Seasons Palm Beach: This hotel is located a little further south than the other hotels/activities but is a nice property with a wonderful beach - also located next-door is the Tideline hotel.  With a recently renovated pool area with a new second pool and the beach there are plenty of places to relax. Also fitness center/activities and two nice restaurants.

The Colony: This is a classic Palm Beach boutique hotel - think pink, green and palm print!  It's located just steps from all the restaurants and shopping that Worth Avenue has to offer.  Live music on the weekends, a nice restaurant and pool/pool bar are there to enjoy.  The beach is just steps away and you can take the complimentary umbrellas/beach chairs that the provide you along with you.

The Pineapple Pad: If I was going with a girlfriend (usually I'm with my family) this is where I'd love to stay!  A condo rental that is decorated as cute as can be - the touches are pink, girly, floral and a great spot for girlfriends to enjoy a vacation. One block to the beach, a pool on property and a bedroom/living area/kitchen area for you to relax in.

Where to Eat:
The options are endless - you can eat your way through the vacation between classic spots and newer hot spots.

The Seafood Bar: Probably my favorite of the options in Palm Beach!  The bar is a fish tank so you can enjoy sipping a cocktail and watching the fish under your drink.  It's also recently renovated in the past few years.  Everything on the menu is amazing.  The fish tacos, gorgonzola truffle fries, and tuna tartare tostada are favorites!

Flagler's Steakhouse: My husband counts this as his favorite steakhouse we've ever been to!  It's also located at The Breakers - over above the clubhouse at the golf course.  You can dine inside or out on the patio - the steaks are grilled to perfection with a baked potato plus many sides to pick from.  Open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

Taboo: This is a classic Palm Beach spot located right on Worth Avenue.  The atmosphere is quaint and there are countless options on the menu.  We've only been in for lunch and dinner but happy hour runs from 3-6:30pm each day and I'm sure the place is filled and the food and drink is great for that time too... Pizza Al Fresco is another good choice just down the street.

Buccan: This is one we've never been but is always recommended because it's such a hot spot - definitely make a reservation! I've heard the food, drink and decor are all fabulous!

Sprinkles Ice Cream: A cute ice cream shop located right along the shops on Royal Poinciana Way. In addition to ice cream treats, coffee and other tasty treats can be enjoyed outside in the cute seating area.

What to Do:
Things to see and outdoor activities can help you fill a day not spent at the pool or beach.

Lake Shore Trail: 16 miles long (we only usually walk 1-3 miles) and has great views of the lagoon. You'll pass a lot of people walking or biking as well as some nice boats and complexes.

Flagler Museum: The old estate of Henry Flagler which was completed in 1902 and now is a historic landmark is open for tours and exhibits. 

Beach & Pool: Need I say more?  Relaxing in Palm Beach... 

Rent Bikes & Golf: Rent bikes to cruise by the beach or along Lake Shore Trail (mentioned above).  I mentioned golf because if you're traveling with your husband (or if you like to play!), you'll likely want to make a tee time at one of the wonderful courses in the area.

Where to Shop:
When you're not relaxing on the beach there are plenty of cute shopping areas - anything from designer to chain stores to unique boutiques. 

Worth Avenue: The "it" spot to shop and well known when you mention shopping in Palm Beach. Palm trees line the street and there are plenty of restaurants along the way and hotels nearby.  The end of the strip leads you to the clocktower by the beach.  Stores like Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Tory Burch, and many, many more.

Royal Poinciana Way: You can find restaurants, Maven and Cocina here for lunch or dinner as well as little shops like The Skinny Dip and Lil Rupunzels.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza: Home to the popular Palm Beach Grill to eat and shops like Stoney Clover Lane, Hermes, Roller Rabbit and more.

Happy Travels! xx 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Break in Palm Beach: Part Two

For final full day we slept in (to an extent - Tatum was up early!) and did another walk through some properties close to the hotel.  We started on the beach to let Tatum run around and chase after him, we didn't even set up beach chairs!  We went up to the Beach Club for lunch and then took turns playing with Tatum in the pool. 

Our last night we picked to go back to the Italian Restaurant since it was it was easy and fun for Tatum.  I wore this Lilly Pulitzer dress that I picked up at the store at the hotel earlier in the morning. We let Tatum try a few games in the game room and we had fun playing too. 

We had a bit of time on our last day before we had to go to the airport so we took Tatum out to play as much as he could to tire him out.  

We grabbed a nice lunch at the Seafood Bar right before we left for the airport.  Luckily he took a second longer nap on the plane for most of the ride home!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Spring Break in Palm Beach

Last week we made a quick trip down to Palm Beach, FL.  It's a short plane ride from here and one of our favorite spots.  After forgetting something at home, we made the plane (as did our luggage!) with just a few minutes to spare.  On the upside, the entire row behind us was open so we quickly moved back and had plenty of space.

We didn't really plan on leaving the resort so we used ilimo car service to take us to the hotel.  This was our first time using them and they came in to meet us, had our SUV waiting right outside the baggage claim area and had two car seat options for Tatum.  The driver also pulled into the Publix near the hotel (which I usually walk to so saved me a morning walk!) to pick up a few things we needed for Tatum.

We checked in and our room was ready and upgraded right away - the staff at The Breakers are all wonderful.  After getting settled we went down to Ocean House for lunch overlooking the pool.  We took Tatum down to the beach after and he ran all over the place - usually trying to get to the ocean.  We finished up the first day with swimming at the kiddie pool.

Dinner that night was at the Italian Restaurant.  It's becoming our favorite when we are there because it's just steps outside the front lobby and there are so many areas for Tatum to play where the restaurant is - an arcade, a play center, playground, etc.

Our first full day we grabbed breakfast drinks and then walked over to Lake Shore Trail not far from the hotel.  We walked up Royal Poinciana Way along the shops then down by the water.  On our way back to the hotel we stopped off at Royal Poinciana Plaza (new to us) and I grabbed a personalized clutch at Stony Clover.  We stopped by the playground on our way back too. 

Another wonderful afternoon of the usual - lunch at the Beach Club and playing at a couple of the different pools.  Derek and I enjoyed reading, naps and resting at the adult pool while Tatum took his nap.  An afternoon storm rolled in late afternoon so we grabbed a happy hour drink and watched from underneath the pool bar.  It provided a pretty sunset so once we were back downstairs ready for dinner we walked along the property out back to enjoy it.

Our dinner that night was at The Seafood Bar right on the main level of the hotel.  While we can't sit at the bar (made out of a fish tank) anymore thanks to our little one in a highchair, we still love the food, drinks and atmosphere - while super adult friendly, they have a kids menu and are very accommodating too.

outfit details:
day one dress (flaunt boutique) and earrings