Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This & That: End of Summer

 We have jumped right into fall this past week or so and have been having the nicest sunny, cooler days.  It's hard to believe going to the pool and things like that were just a couple weeks ago.  We finished up the summer with many pool days.

Golf continues to be Tatum's favorite sport - he plays daily around the house with his many clubs and putting sets, packs his clubs for walks with me to stop and play outside and goes to the country club with Derek any chance he gets.

Just before Labor Day we got some baby brother announcements out into the mail for a few family members and friends - crafting and activities like this are getting more fun with Tatum and he has tons of excitement for baby brother - a few baby updates finally coming soon!

Weekend before last when we were up in New York we enjoyed wedding events the whole weekend - we had a great time kicking things off at the rehearsal dinner.

It's been so nice getting back into a weekly routine now that summer is over, Tatum is in his preschool pod and I've had time to catch up and get things done.  It's been earlier to bed, earlier waking up and many days you can find me taking a break with Tatum during nap time.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend Wedding Scenes

Last weekend we headed up to New York to celebrate our best friends' wedding.  It was rescheduled from June and smaller than expected but we all had the best time celebrating them - they had the perfect wedding weather too.

Derek and I were both in the wedding as well as Tatum, who was the ring bearer - he had a blast and also loved getting to stay up late all weekend and all the attention too. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

First Day of School


Back to school all ready!  This year Tatum will be in two day preschool - hopefully in person at somepoint.  His school is closed for now and reevaluating in October.  For now we have a preschool pod with some neighborhood kids that meets twice a week.

We did the same easy back to school breakfast as last year of powdered sugar donuts and posed for his pictures.  He was so excited about his backpack and going to school with friends even if it wasn't into the actual school as planned.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Gender Reveal

Over the summer we had a gender reveal party with a few friends.  We kept it simple with roast beef sandwiches, chicken wings, pasta and salad plus items for the kids and desserts.

We were thrilled to share the blue news of baby brother.  With Tatum's gender reveal we had confetti poppers so we kept with the theme and did confetti balloons.

With Coronavirus we tried to keep it small with a few neighbors and told family at the lake with a homemade cake and other family via FaceTime with Tatum holding up a baby brother sign - fun to spread it all out.