Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekend Scenes

Our January has been so low key and slow paced which has been great as our weekends are now starting to get busy again. We had lazy mornings in pajamas, a dinner out with friends one night and family the other night and lots of relax time.

Saturday the weather was awful - hard rain most of the day so we took Tatum to Color Me Mine to paint a few things - he loved it.

The three of us went out to lunch and then to continue the weekend fun took Tatum bowling for the first time - I foresee many trips to the bowling alley in the future as he really liked it. Derek and I had a great time too, it's been a long time since we've bowled.

After all the fun, a long nap was definitely in order.  Back on Friday to start off the weekend I went to Michael's to grab a bunch of craft and baking stuff to do in February with Tatum leading up to Valentine's Day - we're getting to the point where he really understands and enjoys holiday activities.

Friday, January 24, 2020

This & That

January has been a quiet month for us and it's been really nice - getting back into the swing of things after the holidays, low key weekends and such before we get busy and good family time.

We had a super mild weekend and got to do a lot of walks, playing outside and the itch for spring but I'm still waiting for one true big snow day and then I'll happily snap my fingers for warmer weather. The next weekend we had a small snow day and it was a total lazy day at home all day which was nice for all of us.

Tatum is getting bigger, more talkative, completing tasks and being a helper day by day this month. He's at such a fun age and we're enjoying every minute of him being a toddler two... well except the terrible two moments/Tantrums.

In the midst of a month of no plans, we've thrown in a few fun little activities with Tatum and they've been so fun - a couple weekends ago we took him indoor mini golfing with a friend and he had the best time - I'm not super shocked since golf is his favorite but I was happy he actually played.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Scenes From Christmas Break

Finally caught up on all of our holiday stuff... The day after Christmas we're usually super lazy, which we did enjoy a quiet morning at home and let Tatum play with his toys a bit but then that afternoon we packed up the car and made our way to Northern New Jersey to visit with Derek's family.

We had a wonderful visit and ended up staying an extra night.  Tatum had the best time trying to keep up with his older cousins, staying up late, etc. and we saw a lot of family members that we don't get to see as often too.  We even squeezed in a little day date and a night out with friends.

When we got home it was back to classic Christmas break - I kept most of the things Tatum got by the tree to play with a few days since we left right after Christmas, we had a big family Christmas dinner and got in a day date too while my parents and brother had a fun night with Tatum.

On New Year's Eve we did a brunch pollyanna party with Tatum and his friends since we never got together a time before break for them to open up their gifts to each other.

Our New Year's Eve plans are never usually anything big but this year they were extremely low key and I think that's going to be a new pattern - it was great.  We visited with friends a little bit early in the night, got sushi delivered and then put Tatum to bed and watched the New Year's festivities on TV.

I never got around to our usual cinnamon roll breakfast for Christmas Eve so I got that together and a casserole for New Year's morning and we had a nice lazy day playing and cleaning up most of the Christmas decorations except a few trees that we've still be enjoying in a winter/cozy way.  We had family over for a simple pizza dinner that night and another year was underway.

The last weekend of break before Tatum was back to school we went to our friends mountain house to relax, have friend time, go out to lunches at the lodge, let the kids play in the snow and all over the house and the last night we finished up with a steak dinner - a nice way to end the break.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sesame Place

Catching up on things that I didn't get to before Christmas - the weekend before Christmas we took Tatum to Sesame Place, about 45 minutes away from here.  I'd heard it was really special at Christmas time and while it was very fun to visit, we enjoyed the Sesame Street aspect more than the Christmas aspect - there were some shows and of course decorations - maybe if we had have been at night for the parade and things lit up but I look forward to taking Tatum back in warmer weather to do more rides and focus on the actual park and not be cold trying to see the Christmas things.

We got there close to when the park opened - partly because we had something to do later in the day and partly to avoid crowds.   We walked around a bit and did a ride then got in line a couple minutes early to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster - we had about a five minute wait and two families in front of us so it wasn't bad - Tatum was so brave and stood for a picture by himself.

We saw one of the Christmas shows, quickly met Big Bird and then rode the carousel, which was our last ride - the weather was cold but not unbearable but having the wind hit you on the rides was not pleasant (part of the reason we want to go in spring!) so we went into one of the stores for a while to warm up and Tatum fell in love with an Elmo and Big Bird that he picked out himself.

We went over to the Christmas Village which was nothing special but Tatum was very into the train display which we watched for a bit.  There happened to be not much of a line for Grover and a few other characters so we jumped on that before wrapping up the day.

I had no intentions of waiting in line for Santa but saw that Rudolph was there and was hoping to find him since that's a Christmas character we don't usually see.   We decided to just go ahead and leave - Derek ran to the bathroom on the way out and I wondered over with Tatum to watch one of the shows from a distance then I noticed a cute Christmas setup - it was Rudolph with no line!  I let people go in front of me until Derek found his way over to us - I was thrilled to end the day on this note... Tatum was not, ha!

After this we left the park and grabbed a nice warm lunch then headed home for naps!