Thursday, February 12, 2015


I've seen a bunch of bloggers do "a day in the life" posts and they seem like so much fun.  I love having this blog as a little life scrapbook and I know one day I'll love looking back at the "little things" and daily life from regular days because sometimes regular "nothing" days are the best memories but not easy to remember.

I picked yesterday (Wednesday, February 10th) because Monday I thought we might be getting snow and yesterday I was out for a meeting.  It's not as easy as I thought to capture pictures of your entire day so cue plenty of Stella pics.

Our alarms go off right about 6am.  Stella made it until 4:45 the night before so instead of taking her right out, Derek brought her over into bed with us for a little bit and then he takes her out, gets her breakfast and has some play time.

I headed out to the gym (usually in the morning I start the day with either gym or zumba DVD's at home) and am loving going in the morning - I enjoy checking out Good Morning America and they Today Show on the dual monitors.  I also listened to a podcast on the Bachelor - one of my besties, Sam is always telling me about these but today was the first day I a. thought to try it out and b. did it while at the gym -- I think I'll be doing that a lot more often :)

My favorite is when I come home to see the bed made like I did today!

I had a little play time with Stella, got showered and sat down at my desk to pay a couple bills and do some stuff on my computer.

Stella and I head out the door together for work -- I almost always eat my breakfast on the go in the car.  She loves listening to music and loves riding along - I also almost always stop off at our mailbox as I did today.
When we get to the office I usually let Stella run around a little bit and say her hellos to everyone.  She LOVES coming into the office (and since she isn't allowed to go to puppy day care a day or two a week yet) it works great because everyone really enjoys her and she always has a smile on her face and tons of room to play so it's way better than just leaving her cooped up at home alone.

I did some emails and saw one from Brides magazine (I'd been waiting for it since the salon had already asked me to do it) to give reviews about the salon I got my bridal dress at!  Here's hoping that they win for best salons in America 2015 and make it into the magazine.

Time to get to work

She only sits with me when she's either sleeping or just woken up because that's the only time she's still - other wise she has a play pen on the other side of my desk (we moved my chairs and end table out to the lobby for the time being)
I got going on my work for the day doing some bookkeeping, payroll, making some payments and finishing up some tax stuff.

Around noon I take a break to give Stella her lunch and have a breakfast drink -- I usually take her outside for a short walk about a half hour later.

The afternoon was spent finishing up the same things I was working on in the morning as well as my glamorous quick lunch (yogurt and cheese) and another play session outside. (If it's cold out we run through the office)

It's nice to work for a family business and have help from your coworkers. Mom and my brother, Davey both pay plenty of attention to our little office mascot.

Perks of waking up early is that when we get home I plop down on the couch for some down time.  I caught up on Real Housewives before getting our dinner ready to go into the oven.

and then giving Stella her dinner and having some play time in the back yard.

Derek got home about 6:30 after stopping to do a few errands we needed to get done and we ate right away.  We had one of our favorites last night, Parmesan Chicken + sides.

A surprise that the hubs brought home - since we don't have a fire place I like to think of my little candles as my mini-fires.

We spent the rest of the night on the couches playing on laptops and watching Entourage (we're almost finished the series) and just chatting.  Of course playing with Stella too.

My devotionals are the last thing I do before climbing into bed - there's nothing like when your head hits that pillow.

I usually head up to bed about 10pm and either play on my iPad on Pinterest or blog hopping and watching TV and after about a half hour my eyes are shutting.  Anytime I can get to bed earlier is a plus and last night I went up at 9:30. Score!  Derek came up with Stella around 10 after one last potty break.

So, there you have it, a day that was probably pretty boring to some but something I'll have fun looking back at later on.

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  1. Stella is so cute! Sometimes I wish my pup could be a puppy again, it's such a fun stage! :)

    Girl Meets Bow

  2. Okay. Stella is seriously THE CUTEST. Love seeing pic of her!

  3. What a fun post! Stella is so stinkin' cute! Also, I love Jesus Calling! It's one of my favorites. Somehow, it says exactly what I need to hear every day. :)

  4. I'm so jealous of your being able to bring your doggie to work! I would have loved to have been able to take my baby into work with me when she was little (of course I'd love to take her now, too).

    I've recently started a Photo Friday link-up for photo posts from the week. I'd love to have you join us!

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  5. Stella is so adorable!! What's the Bachelor podcast you listen to?

    1. Jason & Molly Mesnick's but I've heard the After Buzz ones on you tube are really good so I'm going to start listening to those!