Monday, July 7, 2014

A Month in Review: June

We had a weekend in New Jersey:

 The Phillies played the Mets: here

 There was lots of laying outside:

 We had a great weekend in NYC

We had an impromptu pizza party since the Phillies got rained out: here

 I wore my favorite green dress (that the family wants to burn because I wear it so much) for the first time

Mom taught me how to sew and I got a GREAT surprise from Lilly: here

 Mom loves Kendra too

 a couple spare minutes to relax...

 We celebrated Father's Day

Mom & I had some quiet time at home, while the boys put the dock in: here

We also got in some shopping...

 We pretty much got in at least one walk a day, usually two...

 Derek & I had a great stay at home date night: here

We did some shopping with Davey

Lots of preparation for the house 

Of course an El Gran date night

Dining Under the Stars at Dos Gringos, Ariano, Spasso

 It was National Wear Lilly Day - the day before my bridal shower, so fitting

 and of course, the main highlight of the month: My Bridal Shower!! 
Part One: here
Part Two: here
Part Three: here

We had a great time reading our date night ideas and keys to success from the bridal shower

We had a siblings night out 

RSVP's started to arrive :)

There was LOTS of froyo

We've been exhausted with all the wedding/house planning...

Xo C

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