Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sparta Visit

Of course the main event was the Bridal Shower but we spent this past entire weekend in Sparta
New Jersey Bound early Saturday morning
We had a major concert during the car ride there - the 90's on 9 countdown on Saturdays is great
We met up with Sam for lunch at my very favorite NJ deli, Sergios
Great flower marketing - we got these during lunch
We took Mom & Steve for a tour of Sparta including Derek's schools
Both families got together for dinner and Miss Kallyn was in between Derek and I
So sweet
After dinner we celebrated Grandma's birthday!

Before Uncle Derek helped Dominic fall asleep
We had a great time with Derek's friends after the bridal shower

Uh Oh Miss Ainsley is into shoes already!
Play Time Post Bridal Shower

Xo C

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