Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter in Syracuse

We got back on Sunday afternoon from a great weekend in Syracuse - we were pooped when we got back and spent the rest of Easter having a low key day and relaxing...
We made it to Binghamton on Friday night - here was part of our dinner at the hotel bar
Didn't see this until it was light out on Saturday morning but our view wasn't half bad - right on the water
 On the road again - we both woke up early Saturday morning because we were so excited to get there!
 The hospital that Derek was born in - in Syracuse
 We finally made it to the farm!
 chicks in the chicken coop
 chickens outside the chicken coop
 It's so beautiful and rural up there

 Dying easter eggs on Saturday afternoon - note the only "big" kid at the table

 So cool - these are all from the chicken coop out back - look at all those pastel colors!
 Making french toast casserole for Easter morning breakfast with Auntie Aud and Kallyn
 When Auntie Aud ran out to the store she came across these six little kittens right in the middle of the road and of course saved them
 Everyone had fun going over to the barn - playing with them and watch them absolutely inhale the food.  Had we have brought one home it would have been that multi color one in Derek's arms.

 Easter Sunday we were up bright and early to find what the Easter Bunny left out on the farm and have an easter egg hunt.
 One of the cows was very close to having a calf when we were there - of course the little one came just a couple hours after everyone left - it would have been super neat to watch that!

On Saturday afternoon all the ladies came to a bridal shower for Derek & I but more on that tomorrow!

Xo C

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