Monday, April 14, 2014


I love a good countdown - usually for a holiday or vacation but now for the wedding!!  When I saw on my wedding app last week we were just 150 days away I realized it's time to clear off my white board at work and get some countdowns going - since I would never keep up with that everyday, I figured I'd do a couple countdown updates before the big day.

Syracuse Bridal Shower: 5 days - I can't believe my first shower is almost here!

Sparta Bridal Shower: 20 days

Media Bridal Shower: 69 days

Bachelorette Party: 102 Days

Wedding: 145 Days

Honeymoon: 147 Days

Newlywed Life: 160 Days

I'm SO looking forward to all this special time before the wedding and all the summer activities we have a head as well!

Xo C

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